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KPI Management –

cloud-based, sustainable & clear.

Manage KPIs centrally. Understand data flows. Use knowledge in the long term.

Many challenges – one solution

Manage KPIs successfully, understand complex data flows and establish a sustainable, clear reporting: keY. acts as the central source of truth for your company. Meet typical challenges with a strong tool that supports you comprehensively.

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The modern controlling function faces various challenges.

Many and partially redundant reports and KPIs lead to ambiguity and lack of transparency.

keY. compresses all KPIs in one Wiki. Thereby it enables to discover and avoid redundancies, creating clarity and a profound basis for your reporting.

The origin of data used to calculate / define KPIs is unclear.

keY. visualizes data flows and creates transparency regarding calcucations / definitions of your KPIs.

Reports incomprehensible because of the lacking of transparency regarding KPIs and their definitions.

keY. acts as a uniform basis for all departments of your company by creating comprehensive KPIs and preventing misunderstandings.

A clear, common language for the implementation of new KPIs and reports is missing between IT and other departments.

keY. acts as a knowledge basis providing a clear structure and therefore enables your IT function to implement new KPIs and reports in an efficient and targeted manner.


keY. - your strong solution for modern, dynamic & sustainable KPI management.

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Manage your KPIs in one cloud.

Capture all of your company's KPIs centrally in one cloud. Create a central source of information accessible for your entire organisation.

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Link all relevant information to your KPIs.

Value type, frequency of updates, target direction, responsible persons etc. - Ensure a clear definition and documentation of your KPIs.

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Determine the dimensions of your KPIs.

Set your KPIs' dimensions intuitively - as detailed as you want. Thereby all dependencies between your reporting dimensions can be clearly recognized.

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Structure your KPIs clearly.

Organize your KPIs according to various criteria. Typical structural elements are organizational units, reports or workflows.

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Create your own KPIs and visualize their calculation basis.

Use existing KPIs to create your own. Would you like to show your sales per FTE? - Select your existing sales and FTE key figures to calculate the desired KPI. keY. automatically visualizes the interdependencies of your KPIs.

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Analyze your data flows.

Visualize your IT landscape and analyze the flow of information through all systems. This also refers to the integration of systems and interfaces, which are relevant for the calculation of your KPIs.

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Select your source applications.

Use an intuitive visualization to select a data source that provides the information required for your defined KPI.

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Create automated reports

Export all the relevant information associated with your KPIs using automated reports. Analyze your KPIs from every angle to identify redundant KPIs or breaks within your data flows.

Our Solution

How can keY. be used as a KPI management solution?

Clear Overview
System renewal
Avoid redundancies
New reporting

managers require a clear overview of their KPIs.

It is often difficult for managers to get a complete overview of processes and the associated KPIs of their company. Clarity is urgently required here.

keY. collects all existing KPIs centrally, visualizing their interdependencies. keY. creates a complete overview of your KPIs – long-term and sustainable.

a new system is introduced.

If a new system such as SAP S / 4 HANA is introduced, many companies are seeking a clear, reliable and centrally defined basis for their KPIs.

keY. delivers meaningful KPIs for your new system and offers a solid basis in form of clear definitions and a comprehensive documentation of all relevant KPIs. Thereby keY. accelerates the implementation of your new system.

existing reporting should be streamlined.

If there is a lack of clarity regarding key figures used and their interactions or if redundant reports are created, uncertainty and confusion arise.

By storing all KPIs and their calculation formulas, keY. enables you to discover redundancies and helps to e.g. identify useless KPIs. This creates clarity and eliminates redundancies.

a new reporting system is set up.

When a new reporting system is set up, a clear, uniform basis that is accessible to all areas of the company is required.

keY. is ideally suited for defining, documenting and making relevant key figures centrally available by offering a cloudbased solution. This creates a new reporting system that provides clarity right from the start.


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